Painting a Volvo outdrive

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Painting a Volvo outdrive

Post by jhnmdahl » Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:36 pm

Volvo recommends that you remove as little original paint as possible in prepping, use a zinc chromate primer, and follow some fairly specific steps for best results. Steps are generally:

Sand or sandblast to remove loose paint, and clean with water and detergent to remove grease. Roughen painted surfaces with Scotchbrite pad and rinse.

Clean with an acid cleaner that does not contain fluoride (DuPont 5717 recommended). Scrub in with Scotchbrite pad, not a metallic or steel wool pad, and rinse with clean water.

Treat all bare aluminum with DuPont 226S chromate conversion solution or another suitable zinc chromate primer. Brush the chromate
solution as required for 2 to 5 minutes to prevent it from drying on the surface. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water and allow to air dry. Paint within a day of drying, and do not touch with bare hands.

Where the prime coat is thin or where the surface is unpainted, prime with Volvo Penta Primer or PPG Super Koropon epoxy primer. Do not apply primer over hard finish coat. Primer solvents must be allowed time to evaporate and the primer must harden before applying the finish coat. Allow 8 to 12 hours drying time.

Apply finish coat using appropriate color Volvo Penta finish paint.

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