Getting parts for bravo 3

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Re: Getting parts for bravo 3

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Congrats, Kevin! It's always fun to get going again after a major project like yours.
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Re: Getting parts for bravo 3

Post by kevincs23 »

Kate wrote: Wed Mar 20, 2024 7:20 am Thanks for the update.

Was there a maintenance history with the boat? Did you have the engine tested? The obvious move is to focus on the Merc recommended engine maintenance.
I don't have maintenance records from before I bought. But based on the condition of the out drive, I'm going to say it was less than perfect. My shop did compression checks and that was good.

That being said, I believe the everything has been serviced now. Engine oil/filter, impeller, all shift and throttle cables replaced, new bellows, new gimbal bearing, and out drive overhaul. I am going to go through the manual tonight to see if I missed anything. The engine is closed system cooling so I may want to consider changing the coolant at some point.
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Re: Getting parts for bravo 3

Post by Kate »

"Engine oil/filter . . ."

Fuel/water separator, power steering fluid, belts and hoses, thermostat. Recommendation: Add a second battery, if it doesn't already have one.
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