CS22 Wakeboarding Without Tower

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CS22 Wakeboarding Without Tower

Post by brsmith1 »

We just bought our first boat (ever) - a 2019 Cobalt CS22 with a 240 HP Volvo engine, without a wakeboard tower. Is it even possible to wakeboard or ski with this boat and the factory rope tie near the transom? I just searched for more information about CS22 and wakeboarding and I didn’t have much luck.

(Maybe I don’t need to state this - but we’re so new to boating that we don’t know anything. After two months I just discovered that you can buy something called a “boat hook” and it helps immensely when we’re pinballing our way into and out of the marina.)
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Re: CS22 Wakeboarding Without Tower

Post by jwill323 »

Yes! you can do all of the above from the factory tow hook on the back of the boat, especially if everyone is just learning. Having a tower may make it a little easier to get up on a wakeboard and the high tow point makes ariel tricks better but I skied and wakeboarded most of my life from just a standard tow point. Still pull the kids skiing, wakeboarding, wake skate, etc. behind a Seadoo wake edition with a pylon lower than your tow point. Skiing is better from the lower tow point and tubing must be done from the lower tow point. There is a lot to learn on a wakeboard before a tower might become needed and it can be added as/if you think it becomes necessary. Hook it up and get out there, don't run over your rope!

There are lots of good videos about pulling skiers and how to hook up ropes, probably worth checking out youtube for some tips on pulling skiers and some tutorials on getting up on skis and boards.
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Re: CS22 Wakeboarding Without Tower

Post by NautiWeasel »

I will agree with everything that jwill323 stated, with only one small exception.
I'd prefer, and so do my guest, to tow skiers from the tower. A tower can make it a bit easier for beginners because it is pulling you across and UP out of the water. That being said, the tow point on most boats like yours is going to be 2-3' out of the water anyway, so there won't be a huge difference.

If you decide you want a tower down the road, there are many options, which can also include a custom built Samson tower. I think a tower is worth every penny, but this is coming from a guy that added one to his previous boat, and specifically sought it out for my current 242.

Watch some pulling videos as jwill323 suggested, and get out there and get some seat time in.
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