Rebuilt Bolster seats

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Rebuilt Bolster seats

Post by Amhochb »

Huge shoutout to Chris @slideruleracer!! His seat repair kits are great. I took them a step further since I was having the hinges stripped and powder coated, I asked them to do these plates as well. I think the whole setup came out pretty sweet.

I had to have these donor seats recovered so I thought I’d dig into these corroded to hell hinges while everything was apart. Figuring out how to get the hinges back together after drilling them out was quite the task but once I figured out what they used, it went pretty smooth.

Shoutout to @CBO as well for the shop space.
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Re: Rebuilt Bolster seats

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Awesome folllow up. Thank you for posting pics too!
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Re: Rebuilt Bolster seats

Post by jhnmdahl »

Finding solutions to common problems and sharing them is the core reason as a Cobalt owner that I started this site, and nobody does that better than sliderule. Glad to hear your project turned out well,

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